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New PDF release: Action and Existence: A Case for Agent Causation

By J. Swindal

ISBN-10: 0230355463

ISBN-13: 9780230355460

ISBN-10: 1349333824

ISBN-13: 9781349333820

Because the pioneering paintings of Donald Davidson on motion, many philosophers have taken serious stances on his causal account. This e-book criticizes Davidson's event-causal view of motion, and gives as an alternative an agent causal view either to explain what an motion is and to set a framework for a way activities are defined.

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With the positing of a single particular, the beyond is also established for consciousness, even if it is only alongside the limited object as in the case of spatial intuition. 32 This negation within consciousness sets up a dialectical movement, called experience. ”33 This is Hegel’s move back in Fichte’s subjective direction. 34 This synthesis of two oppositions continues through the stages of self-consciousness and reason in the Phenomenology. Hegel reconstructs the development of the dialectic later in the Science of Logic and the Encyclopedia Logic.

Consider the case of an individual who is deciding how to respond to the needs of others in a community displaced by a flood. One could, for example, send a donation to a local Red Cross agency, volunteer to house some of the displaced persons, or perhaps do nothing. g. g. give money or not give money). The norm presumably would be to take actions needed to restore at least some other persons to some ideal of human well-being, but this must be balanced with the subjective conditions of the actor (what financial resources are available to give right now, and what is the ultimate limit of his or her beneficence).

Though ordinary language does refer to these various acts of reflection, it does not refer to the philosophical reflection with which we shall be concerned. This philosophical reflection actually has a fairly specific lineage, whence most of these other usages derive. In what follows I shall lay out a crucial segment of this lineage, specifically as it emerged in German philosophy in the relatively brief period from Kant to Hegel. This exposition will delineate important features of dialectical thinking, since philosophical reflection involves limit concepts that determine objects regressively.

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Action and Existence: A Case for Agent Causation by J. Swindal

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