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New PDF release: Airbus A340 Flight deck and systems briefing for pilots

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Damping : The servo-jack position follows the surface movement. • Centering : The servo-jack position is maintained neutral. • The master checks that its orders are fulfilled by comparing them with feedback received ; this allows self-monitoring of the master which can detect a malfunction and cascade control to the next computer. • Each PRIM is able to control up to eight servo-loops simultaneously ; each can provide complete aircraft control under normal laws. 12 A340 Flight Controls - EFCS Pitch control Pitch control is provided by two elevators and the THS : - Elevator deflections 30° nose up - 15° nose down - THS deflections 14° nose up - 2° nose down.

In case of total loss of electrical power or total loss of flight controls computers, the Back Up Yaw Damper Unit (BYDU) becomes active. Autoflight orders are processed by the primary computers and are transmitted to the rudder via the yaw damper servo-actuator and the rudder trim actuator. Note : In the event of loss of both yaw damper actuators, the yaw damping function is achieved through roll control surfaces, in which case at least one spoiler pair is required. The rudder trim controls the rudder pedal zero load position, as a function of pilot manual command on a switch located on the pedestal (artificial feel neutral position variation).

Lateral rows for other systems. - Aft zone, not used in flight, is mainly for a small maintenance panel corresponding to some maintenance controls. Space Space Space Space Reading light Maintenance panel Space Light Space CVR panel ADIRS Engine Fire Audio control panel APU Fire Hydraulic power Flight control Fuel Radio managt panel Flight control Fuel EVAC • The pushbutton philosophy is identical to that already applied on previously existing Airbus aircraft. Reset panel Cargo air cond. 18 3.

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Airbus A340 Flight deck and systems briefing for pilots

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