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J. Marangos's Alternative Perspectives of a Good Society PDF

By J. Marangos

ISBN-10: 0230337805

ISBN-13: 9780230337800

ISBN-10: 1349295892

ISBN-13: 9781349295890

As a suite of other perspectives on societies, methodologies, regulations and review of the present parts of the society, replacement views on an exceptional Society brings jointly varied authors answering assorted questions all in the context of visions of an outstanding society.

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A mode of production such as capitalism creates its own necessary inputs for continually reproducing itself, including “a working class, which by education, tradition, habit, looks upon the conditions of that mode of production as self-evident laws of Nature” (Marx 1996[1867], 726). These considerations immediately pose the question: how can social change ever occur if humans are conditioned by society to accept and reproduce the status quo? The answer by Marx and Engels has three parts. First, the drive for human development that is part of our species-nature will necessarily generate contradictions with the barriers to this development that are part of the system.

And Mehmet U. Tutan (2008). ” Studies in Political Economy, 82 (Autumn): 153–179. Engels, F. (1975[1845]). (The Holy Family). Karl Marx Frederick Engels Collected Works (hereafter MECW ), vol. 4. Moscow: Progress Publishers. ———. (1987[1878]). (Anti-Dühring). MECW, vol. 25. Moscow: Progress Publishers. ———. (1989[1880]). (Socialism: Utopian and Scientific). MECW, vol. 24. Moscow: Progress Publishers. ———. (1990[1890]). ” MECW, vol. 27. Moscow: Progress Publishers. Fourier, C. (1971). Design for Utopia: Selected Writings of Charles Fourier.

It is rooted in their concepts of the inherently social nature of humans, the potential of authentic human development in accord with human nature, and the negation by humans as the active agents of history of the barriers posed to that development. This process is understood as a dialectical interaction of the transformation of the social institutions that influence the development of humans and the transformation of humans that influences the development of social institutions. Broadly then, their vision of a better society is one where the institutions support and promote the authentic development of humans, and where humans support and promote the continual development of new institutions that will constantly move forward the unending process of human development.

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Alternative Perspectives of a Good Society by J. Marangos

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