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America's Backyard: The United States and Latin America from by Grace Livingstone PDF

By Grace Livingstone

ISBN-10: 1848132131

ISBN-13: 9781848132139

ISBN-10: 184813214X

ISBN-13: 9781848132146

Utilizing newly-declassified records, Grace Livingstone unearths the U.S. function within the darkest sessions of Latin American background together with Pinochet's coup in Chile, the Contra warfare in Nicaragua and the demise squads in El Salvador. She exhibits how the U.S. management used the warfare on Terror as a brand new pretext for intervention and the way it attempted to destabilize leftwing governments and thrust back the 'pink tide' washing around the Americas.  America's yard additionally has chapters on medications, economic system and tradition. It explains why U.S. drug coverage has brought on frequent environmental harm, but did not decrease the provision of cocaine and appears on the U.S. financial stake in Latin the USA and the thoughts of the large enterprises. this day Latin american citizens are hard recognize and an finish to the Washington Consensus. Will the White condominium pay attention?

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Passive sabotage evident … The Coup For the coup the CIA recruited, armed and trained a force of Guatemalan exiles and foreign mercenaries. Carlos Castillo Armas, a Guatemalan officer who had led an abortive coup in 1950, was chosen to lead the ‘liberating forces’. Anti-communist propaganda including newspaper articles, radio broadcasts and 25,000 cartoons and posters was distributed throughout Guatemala and Latin America. Three days before the invasion, Eisenhower told a White House meeting, ‘I want all of you to be damn good and sure you succeed … I’m prepared to take any steps that are necessary to see that it succeeds, for if it succeeds, it’s the people of Guatemala throwing off the yoke of Communism.

A second wave of guerrilla warfare took place in the 1970s, often in the cities, but again most failed to win broad support and were annihilated, with the notable exception of the insurgencies in Central America. THE GUATEMALAN COUP AND THE CUBAN REVOLUTION / 37 ‘Create two, three … many Vietnams, that is the watchword’ Che Guevara left Cuba in 1965 to lead revolutionary struggles across the world, from the Congo to Bolivia. In April 1967 he gave this message to a meeting in Havana of the Organization of Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America (the Tricontinental): ‘ … The Yankee agents of repression will increase in number.

But his position later softened, and coups in Guatemala and Ecuador were tolerated. Just as efficiency replaced equity as the goal of the Alliance, so ‘stability’ became more important than promoting democracy. With the accession of Lyndon Johnson to the presidency in late 1963 after Kennedy’s assassination, this trend was even more pronounced. Johnson’s administration played an active part in the overthrow of the Brazilian reformist president Goulart. A year later it invaded the Dominican Republic to prevent the elected president, Juan Bosch, from regaining power after he was ousted in a coup.

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America's Backyard: The United States and Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror by Grace Livingstone

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