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By Albert Howard

Identify: An Agricultural testomony <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: AlbertHoward <>Publisher: BenedictionClassics

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Html (7 of 11)11/30/2009 5:53:41 PM An Agricultural Testament - Albert Howard - 4 which fell in about four months, watering was always essential except during the actual rainy season. These two examples prove that no general rule can ever be laid down as to the amount of water to be added in composting. The amount depends on circumstances. The water needed at Indore was from 200 to 300 gallons for each cubic yard of finished humus. As each section of the pit is completed, everything is ready for the development of an active fungous growth, the first stage in the manufacture of humus.

This plot, which has been without manure of any kind since 1839, showed a slow decline in production for the first eighteen years, after which the yield has been practically constant. The reserves of humus in this case left over from the days of mixed farming evidently lasted for nearly twenty years. There are, however, two obvious weaknesses in this experiment. This plot does not represent any system of agriculture, it only speaks for itself. Nothing has been done to prevent earthworms and other animals from bringing in a constant supply of manure, in the shape of their wastes, from the surrounding land.

The consequences of this condition are a living soil, abundant crops of good quality, and live stock which possess the bloom of health. The key to a fertile soil and a prosperous agriculture is humus. Bibliography Rayner, M. C. Mycorrhiza: an Account of Non-pathogenic Infection by Fungi in Vascular Plants and Bryophytes, London, 1927. -- Mycorrhiza in Relation to Forestry', Forestry, viii, 1934, p. 96; x, 1936, p. 1; and xiii, 1939, p. 19. Waksman, S. A. Humus: Origin, Chemical Composition, and Importance in Nature, London, 1938.

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