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An Insatiable Passion - download pdf or read online

By Lynne Graham

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85 CHAPTER 8 Diplomacy. 93 CHAPTER 9 The Enduring Gift of Bestesbulzibar 105 CHAPTER 10 Denial of Privilege. 116 CHAPTER 11 Resting Side by Side. 124 CHAPTER 12 Reciprocation. 134 CHAPTER 13 Finding Sides. 141 CHAPTER 14 Trappings of Reputation. 155 CHAPTER 15 Across the Gulf 167 CHAPTER 16 Too Much Akin. 175 CHAPTER 17 Pilfering Old Friends. 186 CHAPTER 18 Friendships Fast 198 CHAPTER 19 Practical Indifference. 214 CHAPTER 20 The Bringer of Dreams. 223 CHAPTER 21 Calm Captain in a Stormy Sea. 232 CHAPTER 22 Playing Trump.

Constance nodded and seemed to calm a bit. She knew the proud Allheart Brigade well, had seen their splendor on the field many times. Besides, how could she be afraid, up here on the balcony of the magnificent Chasewind Manor, in the arms of the man she adored? She woke to the sounds of shouting, lifted her head from her pillow just as a brown-robed monk ran by her small room, crying, “Powries! ” Pony’s eyes popped open and she scrambled out of her bed. Not much could rouse her from her grieving lethargy, but the cry “Powries,” those wretched and tough murderous dwarves, made her blood boil with rage.

Pony understood the truth behind Kalas’ words. She was an important figure now, with more potential for power within Church or State than any other woman in the kingdom, including Delenia, the abbess of St. Gwendolyn, the highestranking woman in the Abellican Church. Pony had been tentatively offered the highest position in the Order by several of the monks in Palmaris and certainly would have been given, at least, the Abbey of St. Precious as her own with a mere word. And she had been offered Palmaris by Danube, to serve him as its baroness.

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