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Xunwu Chen's Another Phenomenology of Humanity: A Reading of A Dream of PDF

By Xunwu Chen

ISBN-10: 1498504558

ISBN-13: 9781498504553

One other Phenomenology of Humanity: A studying of A Dream of pink Mansions is dedicated to constructing one other model of phenomenology of humanity—human nature, human inclinations and human desires—by taking A Dream of purple Mansions, the crown jewel of chinese language tradition, as its major literary paradigm of representation. The model of phenomenology of humanity at factor is a synthesis of the Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist and Western existentialist phenomenological bills of humanity—for instance, what's humanity, what make people as human, human nature, human emotions, human wishes, 3 middle human existential pursuits, and 4 uncomplicated difficulties of human life.

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What 1 will is my tomorrow's willing. And we indeed find agai n the duality willed willing, but I precisely cannot will my sub­ sequent willing. I f I roll my eyes, if I clench my fists and grit my teeth saying : ' I will be faithful to her', I will emptily, I will a host of particular willings that threaten to escape me one by one. I would term volitions of this kind - very common, by the way empty volitions, by analogy with Husserl's empty intentions. I fear they may have served as models for the classical conception of will .

So, what with thought and actions being a n emanation o f one's temperament , and the latter in its turn deriving from one's heredity, profession and environment, everything is drowned in a universal relativism . The conclusive argument itself is reduced for him to a technical success. The workman is congratulated for it, but the very congratulations make his success a chance, individual one. If he's silenced by some argument , he'll never say that the argument's valid, but rather that I'm clever.

He falls silent at last, overcome by our voices but not b y our reasons. He ch ew s ove r h is pessim ism in silence. In the end, he goes out sla mming the door and the W a rrant-o ff ice r , self-important and sorrowful, points to the d oor that has j ust closed : 'A fellow like that would be di sastrous for the morale of a battery. A leader, a real leader . . ' The door reopens, Naudin comes back in and now the Warrant-officer will never tell us what a real leader should do ; he fidgets about, that suppressed speech visibly burning his tongue .

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