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By Laurent Jacques, Laurent Duval, Caroline Chaux, Gabriel Peyre

The richness of normal pictures makes the search for optimum representations in picture processing and computing device imaginative and prescient tough. The latter commentary has no longer avoided the layout of photo representations, which exchange off among potency and complexity, whereas attaining actual rendering of delicate areas in addition to reproducing devoted contours and textures. the newest ones, proposed long ago decade, proportion an hybrid history highlighting the multiscale and orientated nature of edges and styles in photographs. This paper offers a landscape of the aforementioned literature on decompositions in multiscale, multi-orientation bases or dictionaries. they often express redundancy to enhance sparsity within the reworked area and infrequently its invariance with appreciate to basic geometric deformations (translation, rotation). orientated multiscale dictionaries expand conventional wavelet processing and will provide rotation invariance. hugely redundant dictionaries require particular algorithms to simplify the hunt for a good (sparse) illustration. We additionally speak about the extension of multiscale geometric decompositions to non-Euclidean domain names comparable to the sector or arbitrary meshed surfaces. The etymology of landscape indicates an summary, in line with a decision of in part overlapping "pictures". we are hoping that this paper will give a contribution to the appreciation and apprehension of a circulate of present learn instructions in photograph figuring out.

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[Article] A Panorama on Multiscale Geometric Representations, Intertwining Spatial, Directional and Frequency Selectivity by Laurent Jacques, Laurent Duval, Caroline Chaux, Gabriel Peyre

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