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By Sharan Strange

ISBN-10: 0807068632

ISBN-13: 9780807068632

ISBN-10: 0807068640

ISBN-13: 9780807068649

Advent via Sonia Sanchez Winner of the 2000 Barnard New girl Poets Prize

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You’ve yet to learn you cannot hold these shapes in your hands, like objects that marry this world to you. Eyes closed, all things are yours, in three or more dimensions. Open, they seem flirtatious as stars—winking, distant, beyond touch, receding with the light. 49 Looking I apply myself to ‘‘seeing’’ the world nude, that is, almost to e-nu-merating the world, with the naked obstinate, defenceless eye of my near sightedness. And while looking very very closely, I copy. —He´le`ne Cixous When he wrote the word, the o’s were joined like eyeglass lenses without a bridge.

I came back 30 to that town, the factory or shop, punched out each day and looked down at my hands? that might have killed at their contempt and disregard. Instead I walked away—each day, twenty thousand days, and I died, not wanting not to live, nor my name on their lips, undelivered. 31 Miz Mattie 1. In the end, rumor thickened to truth. Everyone said Miz Mattie worked roots. Her food became suspect: noxious concoctions she brought to the sick dumped before they got in the house. Stunning once, she’d wrapped handsome legs around her men.

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Ash by Sharan Strange

by Christopher

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