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By A. W. van der Vaart

ISBN-10: 0521496039

ISBN-13: 9780521496032

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Here's a functional and mathematically rigorous creation to the sector of asymptotic statistics. as well as many of the normal themes of an asymptotics course--likelihood inference, M-estimation, the speculation of asymptotic potency, U-statistics, and rank procedures--the e-book additionally provides contemporary examine subject matters reminiscent of semiparametric types, the bootstrap, and empirical approaches and their functions. the subjects are prepared from the relevant suggestion of approximation by means of restrict experiments, one of many book's unifying issues that commonly involves the neighborhood approximation of the classical i.i.d. arrange with gentle parameters via situation experiments regarding a unmarried, as a rule disbursed statement.

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Here's a functional and mathematically rigorous advent to the sphere of asymptotic records. as well as many of the commonplace subject matters of an asymptotics course--likelihood inference, M-estimation, the speculation of asymptotic potency, U-statistics, and rank procedures--the e-book additionally offers fresh study themes corresponding to semiparametric versions, the bootstrap, and empirical methods and their functions.

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F-L for a real number f-L if and only if¢> is differ­ entiable at zero with i f-L = ¢>' (0). 16 Proposition (Weak law of large numbers). We only prove that differentiability is sufficient. For the converse, see, for exam­ ple, [ 1 27, p. 52] . Because ¢ (0) = 1 , differentiability of ¢> at zero means that rf> (t) = 1 + t ¢>' (0 ) + o (t) as t --+ 0. Thus, by Fubini's theorem, for each fixed t and n --+ oo, Proof Ee ' ' y " � ql' m � (I � + i JL + o G) r -+ e''" · The right side is the characteristic function of the constant variable f-L.

6 Theorem. According to the inverse function theorem, the range of Q is open and the inverse map Q- 1 is differentiable throughout this range. Thus, as discussed previously, the delta method ensures the asymptotic normality. It suffices to calculate the asymptotic covariance matrix. By the preceding discussion this is equal to Proof. By direct calculation, the score function for the model is equal to l e (x ) dj d (8) + ( Q�) T t (x) . As before, the score function has mean zero, so that this can be rewritten as le (x) = ( Q�) T ( t (x) - Ee t (X) ) .

This implies that the whole sequence converges to X . • Proof. Example. The normal distribution is uniquely determined by its moments. (See, for example, [ 1 23] or [133, p. ) Thus EX� � 0 for odd p and EX� � (p - 1) (p - 3) · . 1 for even p implies that Xn -v-+ N (0, 1). The converse is false. 6 Convergence-Determining Classes A class :F of functions f : Rk � R is called convergence-determining if for every sequence of random vectors Xn the convergence Xn -v-+ X is equivalent to Ef (Xn ) � Ef (X) for every f E :F.

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