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By Ignatius Donnelly

Атлантида, мир до потопа — книга американского политика Игнатиуса Лойолы Доннелли, опубликованная в 1882 году. Доннелли считал сообщения Платона об Атлантиде описанием действительно существовавшей цивилизации, и пытался доказать, что все прочие древние цивилизации Земли произошли от атлантической. Книга стала чрезвычайно популярной (только к 1890 г. было предпринято 23 издания[1], а к 1949 г. — 50) и легла в основу суждений об Атлантиде в трудах Джеймса Чёрчварда, использовалась в рассуждениях об Атлантиде Е. П. Блаватской и Р. Штейнера[2]. На рассуждения Доннелли об общности древних культур Старого и Нового света оказали влияние эксцентрические теории Ш. Э. Брассёр де Бурбура и О. Ле-Плонжона.

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A loud explosion was heard, the earth shook, and immense columns of hot water and boiling mud, mixed with burning brimstone, ashes, and lapilli, of the size of nuts, were projected from the mountain like a water-spout, with such prodigious violence that large quantities fell beyond the river Tandoi, which is forty miles distant. . The first eruption lasted nearly five hours; and on the following days the rain fell ill torrents, and the rivers, densely charged with mud, deluged the country far and wide.

The town called Tomboro, on the west side of Sumbawa, was overflowed by the sea, which encroached upon the shore, so that the water remained permanently eighteen feet deep in places where there was land before". The area covered by the convulsion was 1000 English miles in circumference. " (Raffles's "History of Java," vol. , p. ) VIEW OF THE FORT OF SINDREE FROM THE WEST IN MARCH, 1839. But it is at that point of the European coast nearest to the site of Atlantis at Lisbon that the most tremendous earthquake of modern times has occurred.

Raffles's "History of Java," vol. , p. ) VIEW OF THE FORT OF SINDREE FROM THE WEST IN MARCH, 1839. But it is at that point of the European coast nearest to the site of Atlantis at Lisbon that the most tremendous earthquake of modern times has occurred. On the 1st of November, 1775, a sound of thunder was heard underground, and immediately afterward a violent shock threw down the greater part of the city. In six minutes 60,000 persons perished. A great concourse of people had collected for safety upon a new quay, built entirely of marble; but suddenly it sunk down with all the people on it, and not one of the dead bodies ever floated to the surface.

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Atlantis, The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly

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