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Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects - download pdf or read online

By Dana Desonie

ISBN-10: 0816062137

ISBN-13: 9780816062133

My son had to do a record on worldwide warming and pollution. I picked this publication up due to its contemporary booklet date. The booklet is especially good performed. the knowledge in it really is updated and gives many real-world examples. As a pupil, it engages my son's curiosity and he even learn extra of the publication than he needed to for the needs of his record! As a father or mother, i used to be subjected to many days of "Hey mother, did you know....." It was once cool. i admire any technological know-how books that may have interaction young children. This you can still.

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In a continental climate, there is a great deal of temperature variation from day to night and from summer to winter. In a maritime climate, the ocean moderates temperature so that there is less variation, either daily or seasonally. Temperatures are especially moderate if the prevailing winds come off the sea. For example, San Francisco, California, enjoys cool summers and warm winters because the prevailing winds, called the westerlies, move in from the Pacific Ocean. Although Virginia Beach, Virginia, is at the same latitude on the Atlantic Coast, its climate is much less influenced by the ocean because, in this region, the westerlies come from over the continent.

The major wind belts are located where air at the base of the convection cells moves horizontally along the ground. Where two convection cells meet, air rises or sinks, with the result that there is little wind. The passage of wind in opposite directions at the junction of two convection cells is where some of the world’s stormiest weather can be found. the behavior of liGht Sunlight is light, not heat. On a warm, sunny day, it is not sunlight that makes the air feel warm, at least not directly.

The other travels north along Britain and Norway, bringing relatively warm water to the northern latitudes. This process has an enormous effect on the climate of northern Europe. Although London is at 51°N latitude, several degrees north of Quebec, the climate there is much more temperate, with rain instead of snow as the dominant winter precipitation. Nearby Mountains Air temperature decreases with increasing altitude because there are fewer molecules to collide with each other and less heat is generated.

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Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects by Dana Desonie

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