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Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects (Our Fragile - download pdf or read online

By Dana Desonie

ISBN-10: 0816062137

ISBN-13: 9780816062133

ISBN-10: 1438105622

ISBN-13: 9781438105628

Earth's surroundings helps and protects all of its lifestyles, giving the planet its blue skies, gentle temperatures, and climate. yet humans use the ambience for one more objective: as a unload for waste gases and debris. pollution obscures vistas, damages ecosystems, and compromises human future health. mixed with water within the surroundings, air toxins create acid rain. within the top surroundings, air pollution harm the ozone layer, which protects lifestyles from the sun's damaging rays. extra emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane push international temperatures better, growing worldwide warming. whereas a few pollution are effectively regulated, as inhabitants grows and industries extend, extra in depth strategies are had to care for the numerous varieties of pollution and its outcomes. This provocative e-book tackles those concerns in a simple demeanour and indicates readers what they could do to aid preserve our planet's surroundings.

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In locations where the air is rising or sinking, there is little wind. Low pressure zones are the site of a lot of precipitation, and high pressure zones experience more evaporation than precipitation. In the first set of atmospheric circulation cells (the Hadley cells), rising air at the equator causes a great deal of rain and little wind. Early mariners called this region the doldrums because their sailing ships could be becalmed for weeks. The sinking air at 30°N and 30°S is relatively warm since much of it came from the equator and the high pressure cell it creates causes evaporation.

One moves south along Europe and flows back toward the equator. The other travels north along Britain and Norway, bringing relatively warm water to the northern latitudes. This process has an enormous effect on the climate of northern Europe. Although London is at 51°N latitude, several degrees north of Quebec, the climate there is much more temperate, with rain instead of snow as the dominant winter precipitation. Nearby Mountains Air temperature decreases with increasing altitude because there are fewer molecules to collide with each other and less heat is generated.

The Earth’s atmosphere is much as it has been since plants became abundant hundreds of millions of years ago. Planets without an atmosphere have black skies and no sound. 21 3 The Motions of the Atmosphere t he lower atmosphere is constantly in motion. This movement is responsible for the planet’s weather and for transferring heat around the globe. Most atmospheric motions are due to the uneven heating of the Earth by the Sun, since much more solar energy reaches the planet near the equator than at the poles.

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Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects (Our Fragile Planet) by Dana Desonie

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