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Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds (Essential Chemistry) - download pdf or read online

By Phillip Manning

ISBN-10: 0791095347

ISBN-13: 9780791095348

"Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds" is going behind the curtain of daily chemistry to discover the atoms that govern chemical techniques. In transparent language, this fascinating publication indicates how the interactions among easy components similar to salt and water are an important to lifestyles in the world and the way these interactions are predestined via the atoms that make up the molecules. moreover, the tales of the scientists whose discoveries formed the fashionable international, similar to Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein, are provided right here in gripping element. Brimming with full-color pictures and illustrations and greater by way of sidebars and a thesaurus, "Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds" allows readers to discover the really good discoveries highlighted during this e-book.

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Astronomers attach spectrometers to their telescopes to study the makeup of the sun and the stars and to measure their speeds relative to Earth and one another. In fact, spectroscopy is one of science’s most valuable tools. It owes a huge debt to the many experimenters who recorded the spectral lines of hundreds of elements and compounds. But their work is the superstructure that rests on the solid foundations laid by Bohr, Schrödinger, and their colleagues. 5 The Elements T he periodic table orders the elements in a way that helps chemists understand why atoms behave as they do.

An atom of helium weighs four times as much as an atom of hydrogen. Rutherford’s new model of the atom predicted that helium must have four protons, but helium was known to have only two electrons. Four positively charged protons plus two negatively charged electrons leave the helium atom with a charge of plus two. But helium, like all elements, carries no charge. Every element except hydrogen presented the same problem. One form of uranium, for instance, weighs 238 times as much as hydrogen but has only 92 electrons.

To find the mass converted in the explosion, we rearrange the equation to: m = E/c2 The Nucleus 41 the energy produced by converting even a small mass of a substance is huge. If one gram of matter were converted to energy, it would provide enough power to lift a million tons of water from sea level to the top of Pikes Peak—twice. The calculation in the sidebar on pages 40-41 shows how much mass is required for an atomic bomb like the one that produced a second sun in New Mexico. ” As this calculation shows, a tiny bit of mass can liberate an enormous amount of energy.

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Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds (Essential Chemistry) by Phillip Manning

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