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Download e-book for iPad: Barbara McClintock: Pioneering Geneticist (Makers of Modern by Ray Spangenburg

By Ray Spangenburg

ISBN-10: 0816061726

ISBN-13: 9780816061723

Barbara McClintock used to be a celebrated geneticist whose 70 years of meticulous experiments within the genetics of maize, or Indian corn, were lauded for his or her contributions to latest so much state of the art know-how and technological know-how, together with genetic engineering and bacterial reactions to antibiotics. Winner of the 1983 Nobel Prize in body structure or drugs, she first got interested in genetics whereas learning at Cornell collage within the Twenties. The threads of McClintock's amazing paintings, woven opposed to deep-rooted prejudices that regularly made investment tough to achieve, and sustained every now and then in basic terms by way of her deep point of dedication and resolution, shape the backdrop of this dramatic new biography. Crisply written and illustrated, "Barbara McClintock" illuminates the struggles and achievements of 1 of crucial medical minds of our time.

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Maize was a centuries-old food crop that growers and botanists had been observing carefully throughout this extensive history. Most of all, maize chromosomes had many distinct characteristics, as it would turn out, and extra chromosomes occur frequently—making maize plants perfect for the study of cytogenetics. In addition, researchers began to find that they could make the complexity of maize biology work for, instead of against, them. The complexity has made maize research harder for nonbotanists to follow.

When he crossed certain species, as a rule, he would get the same hybrid results, but when Science as a Way of Finding out  he crossed hybrid plants (having parents with contrasting traits), some of their offspring had odd traits that did not match the parents. This oddity puzzled Mendel, and he decided to try to find an explanation. Mendel was not the first to notice unusual results when crossing hybrids, of course, but no one ever had reported counting the number of offspring exhibiting the different forms or had tried to classify ✹ Monk and Scientist: Gregor Mendel (1822–1884) As a boy, Gregor Johann Mendel tended orchard trees for the lord of the manor, and this job early in his life probably started him off on his career as an amateur botanist.

Their teamwork ended there, as Lee Kass discovered, because McClintock felt she had done most of the work and should have received first listing as coauthor. As a result, a distancing developed between her and the Plant Breeding Department, where Randolph’s side of the story probably received a friendlier hearing, if only because he was working closely with Emerson. Science as a Way of Finding Out 37 The two had also disagreed about a practice McClintock apparently had of jumping in to solve a problem without an invitation In addition, Randolph’s progress on the problem of identifying the maize chromosomes was blocked because he could only determine large from small maize chromosomes and had not yet found a method for seeing distinguishing characteristics between chromosomes of different sizes.

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Barbara McClintock: Pioneering Geneticist (Makers of Modern Science) by Ray Spangenburg

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