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Get Basic Sciences for Obstetrics and Gynaecology PDF

By Tim Chard MD, FRCOG, Richard Lilford MB, BCh, MRCOG, MRCP, PhD (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1447133277

ISBN-13: 9781447133278

ISBN-10: 3540162143

ISBN-13: 9783540162148

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3 kPa) Uterine Vein PO. 3 kPa) peo. 8 kPa) Fig. 24. Gas exchange in a placental cotyledon. maintained (a) by the high haemoglobin concentration in the fetus (17 g%), (b) by the greater affinity of HbF for oxygen (Fig. 23) (the oxygen dissociation curve of HbF is shifted to the left because it is more sensitive to the action of 2,3-diphosphoglyceric acid), and (c) by the Bohr effect (accumulation of COz decreases oxygen affinity of maternal Hb and increases the affinity of HbF). 3 kPa) (Fig. 24).

Diagram of the superior surface of the fetal skull. At birth there is a total of six fontanelles. - - 56 Anato"my the brow and face (above and below the root of the nose).

Principal structures attached to the pelvic bones Ilium Iliac crest Lateral surface (gluteal) Pelvic surface (iliac fossa) Iliac tuberosity Anterior inferior iliac spine Anterior superior iliac spine Ischium Ischial spine Ischial tuberosity Body Ramus Pubis Pubic tubercle Pubic crest Inferior ramus Sacrum Pelvic surface Posterior surface Quadratus lumborum, transversus abdominis, latissimus dorsi, obliquus externus and internus Gluteal muscles Iliacus Erector spinae, sacro-iliac and iliolumbar ligaments Rectus femoris Inguinal ligament, sartorius Coccygeus, levator ani, sacrospinous ligament Semimembranosus, semitendinosus, biceps femoris, sacrotuberous ligament Quadratus femoris, ischiofemoral ligament Adductor magnus, obturator externus and internus, gracilis, ischiocavernosus, ttansverse perineals, fascia lata of thigh Inguinal ligament Rectus abdominis, pyramidalis Gracilis, adductor brevis, obturator internus and externus _ Piriformis, coccygeus Erector spinae, muititidus,-giuttllls maximus, sacro-iliac ligament The Pelvic Skeleton 53 Foramina and Canals in the Pelvis Obturator Foramen.

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Basic Sciences for Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Tim Chard MD, FRCOG, Richard Lilford MB, BCh, MRCOG, MRCP, PhD (auth.)

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