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IL-17 is a cytokine secreted in huge quantities completely through T cells upon activation, which acts without delay on stromal cells and induces their creation of numerous proinflammatory and hematopoietic bioac-tive molecules. A useful homolog of IL-17 is found in the genome of the T lymphotropic herpesvirus saimiri (HVS).

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Geleitwort Es gibt wohl keine Branche, die so stark im Mittelpunkt von Analysen, Berichten, - litischen Diskussionen als auch wissenschaftlichen Analysen steht, wie die Automob- industrie. Sie ist eine Schlüsselbranche der deutschen Wirtschaft und einer der wi- tigsten Investoren, insbesondere im Bereich von Forschung und Entwicklung.

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Although this type of work was contracted out to a large British organization specializing in food research (Leatherhead Food Research Association) and to a university laboratory in the United States specializing in marine oils, no clear-cut results were forthcoming despite some claims in the literature (15). Lately, however, the Instituto de la Grasa in Seville seems to have obtained the conditions for the generation of PAP esters during oil refining, as reported in part 4 of Annex 4. Briefly, oil refining at ITH can now be reproduced at the Instituto de la Grasa and also at the Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas y Ambientales de Barcelona, at a pilot plant and on a laboratory scale, respectively.

Components identified in toxic oilsa dPAP R1 R2 palmityl palmityl linolenyl linolenyl linolenyl linoleoyl linoleoyl oleoyl stearyl stearyl linoleoyl oleoyl linoleoyl oleoyl linolenyl linoleoyl oleoyl linoleoyl oleoyl oleoyl oleoyl stearyl eicosenyl eicosenyl mPAP R1 linoleoyl oleoyl tPAP R1 R2 R3 linoleoyl linoleoyl linoleoyl linolenyl oleoyl oleoyl linoleoyl oleoyl oleoyl linoleoyl linolenyl oleoyl stearyl linoleoyl oleoyl oleoyl linolenyl linoleoyl oleoyl stearyl linolenyl oleoyl oleoyl oleoyl a R1, R2, R3: see note to Fig.

The toxicity of one oil, for example, was tested using rats deficient in selenium and vitamin E, while another group received a diet supplemented with these substances (7). No differences were found in rats dosed with the assumed case-related oil containing anilides. In one study, in which rats were administered a “case oil” for 200 days, an increase in the collagen content of the skin was reported (8). Although the authors claimed that the oil sample used in the experiment was the oil ingested by affected people, its content of fatty acid anilides was not reported.

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