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Semida Silveira's Bioenergy - Realizing the Potential PDF

By Semida Silveira

ISBN-10: 0080446612

ISBN-13: 9780080446615

Sleek bioenergy has won elevated cognizance some time past decade. not just does it supply a good choice for the availability of power prone from the technical standpoint, however it relies on assets that may be applied on a sustainable foundation all over the globe. additionally, the advantages accumulated transcend power provision, growing precise possibilities for nearby improvement. this present day, biomass is obvious as the most promising renewable assets of recent strength prone within the medium time period. knowledge and reports from assorted nations pave the best way to extra improvement of bioenergy structures.

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Fuelwood production continues to rise in the EU and better forest management and the establishment of new forests could contribute significantly more wood fuel, as is believed to be the case in Sweden (see also Ling and Silveira, Chapter 3). Large agricultural holdings (> 100 ha) contribute more than two-thirds of the total land used for nonfood products, and more than half of the total land under incentive schemes. Nevertheless, land used to produce agricultural raw material for nonfood purposes covers less than 1 per cent of the total cultivated area of these holdings.

Obviously, such coordinated efforts find barriers particularly due to the large variation in the progress achieved by the various EU countries when it comes to understanding and using bioenergy systems. New Challengesfor Bioenergy in Sweden 37 Integration of bioenergy systems with other production processes A more rapid and effective development of bioenergy, to reach more volume and importance in the European energy matrix, and offer the reliability and cost efficiency commercially required, demands integration and coordination.

A major argument for being a forerunner in the development and use of bioenergy technologies is that this will foster the accumulation of know-how, and support a competitive industry. Huge markets are being envisaged internationally. In addition to Europe and North America, China, India and other Bioenergy- Realizing the Potential 44 parts of Asia and South America are often discussed as major markets for bioenergy technology and know-how. Thus trade related to the bioenergy sector includes equipment, know-how and fuels.

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