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New PDF release: C. S. Lewis (Who Wrote That?)

By John C. Davenport, Kyle Zimmer

ISBN-10: 1438135637

ISBN-13: 9781438135632

ISBN-10: 1604137258

ISBN-13: 9781604137255

Top identified for his Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis wrote broadly on non secular issues. This quantity examines points of his existence and occupation.

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In the essay, Lewis stated flatly, with a rather matter-of-fact air, that he viewed God as a cold, distant entity who could not be bothered with mere mortals. ” Lewis, by this time, had come to believe that he had the address right, but no one lived at it. In August 1923, Lewis completed his studies and received his bachelor’s degree. indd 58 9/16/10 2:56 PM THE KILNS AND CHRISTIAN REVIVAL 59 at Magdalen College, Oxford. Lewis sent a telegram to Albert saying simply, “Elected fellow Magdalen.

LEWIS Published at last, and in proximity to Janie, Lewis settled into a comfortable routine at Oxford. The summer of 1920 saw Janie and her daughter, Maureen, move into a house close to the university that was paid for by Lewis. With Janie so near and his career established, Lewis found it easy to settle into the kind of routine any academic would relish. He described this routine as his “usual life”: I walk and ride out into the country, sometimes with the family, sometimes alone. I work; I wash up and water the peas and beans in our little garden; I try to write; I meet my friends and go to lectures.

Despite Jack’s frenetic creative pace, life at Little Lea moved slowly. The peace was shattered in the summer of 1908, however, when doctors diagnosed Flora with cancer. By the end of August, her suffering was growing worse, despite a desperate operation performed in her own bedroom. As Albert grew sullen, Jack worried incessantly as each began to ponder a future without Flora. Over the years, Albert and Flora had come to depend upon one another. Familiarity had produced a bond that approximated love as closely as was possible for either person.

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C. S. Lewis (Who Wrote That?) by John C. Davenport, Kyle Zimmer

by Richard

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