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By Roger Harvey, Eric Sévigny

Caillou and Mommy are going purchasing. given that it truly is raining, they must wear their raincoats and boots. as soon as Caillou sees all that water from the rain, he recollects whatever else he has to do prior to they depart, he has to head pee.

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M. ”5 Even in his old age, my grandfather remembered the tense weeks of waiting, the crushing heat, the shrill cries of cuckoos, the massing clouds on the far horizon. Like the village farmers in the countryside, he watched for the coming of the monsoon and waited—for abundance or hunger. He administered the lives of thousands of villagers, but he could not control or predict the natural engine of their existence. The word monsoon comes from the Arabic word mausem (season). The monsoon is a season of rains borne on the dark nimbus clouds of summer that blow in from the southwest.

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