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By Renee Andrews

National Readers selection Award Winner

Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids has been defined as candy domestic Alabama, the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, sensible Magic and metal Magnolias all rolled into one. "In the South, if a lady isn't really married via age twenty-five, it is time for an intervention." this can be the root at the back of Delilah and Edna Thibodeaux's dogged decision to ensure their liked Jezze does not prove an previous spinster, like her mom and aunt. yet what occurs while the eccentric antics of the younger girl's loopy Cajun aunt and mom positioned her look for Mr. correct on a 25-year time limit to capability catastrophe? And why should still she need to end up that they're the specialists in marriage intervention, besides? simply because she loves them? Yeah, most likely. simply because they truly do not suggest any damage? That too. but if they make a decision her Mr. correct is T-Roy Bertrand, the butt budder salesman, does she rather need to agree? And if she's made up her brain, why does her center refuse to hear?

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Chapter Two Ever since that kitchen conversation when I was five, I wondered about my mama’s use of undergarments. I mean, I knew she had a panty drawer, like me, but I had never seen her put any on. And it never seemed the right time to ask Mama if Aunt Edna had been telling the truth when she’d hinted that Mama didn’t wear them. With the three of us living together, I pretty much saw Aunt Edna and Mama in their underthings all the time, or at least I thought I did. But best I could remember, I’d never seen Mama in her drawers.

Well then, you can’t know exactly how long you’re supposed to lay around and do nothing then, can you? I mean, women do continue to live productive lives after childbirth. ” This time, Delilah stood and grabbed Edna’s arm in a death grip. “I’m forty-four years old and I had a baby on my own. Now I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t the proper way to go about getting pregnant,” she said through gritted teeth. ” “No, there’s not,” Edna agreed, “But, as I can tell by your ability to rise so easily from that bed, there’s not one reason in the world that you should keep this pretty little angel in these dismal surroundings one minute longer.

She can take off her coat if she needs to,” Mama quipped. “Jezebel’s a smart girl. ” “Sure wish you two would bring that concept into the kitchen,” Aunt Edna said, pulling on a black cardigan sweater with tiny red roses embroidered around the buttons. She wore her traditional charcoal gray baggy workpants, a plain white turtleneck and not an ounce of makeup. While Mama looked like an older woman trying to look young, Aunt Edna looked like a young woman trying her best to look old. Mama said Aunt Edna used to dress up a bit before “her Josh” left.

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Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids by Renee Andrews

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