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Download e-book for iPad: Cell Mechanics and Cellular Engineering by D. V. Zhelev, R. M. Hochmuth (auth.), Van C. Mow, Roger

By D. V. Zhelev, R. M. Hochmuth (auth.), Van C. Mow, Roger Tran-Son-Tay, Farshid Guilak, Robert M. Hochmuth (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461384257

ISBN-13: 9781461384250

ISBN-10: 1461384273

ISBN-13: 9781461384274

Cell mechanics and mobile engineering might be outlined because the software of rules and strategies of engineering and lifestyles sciences towards primary figuring out of structure-function relationships in common and pathological cells and the advance of organic substitutes to revive mobile features. This definition is derived from one built for tissue engineering at a 1988 NSF workshop. The reader of this quantity will see the definition being utilized and stretched to check mobile and tissue structure-function relationships. tips on how to outline a box is admittedly to allow the investigators describe their components of research. might be telephone mechanics might be compartmentalized through remembering how the various earliest thinkers wrote concerning the results of mechanics on development. As early as 1638, Galileo hypothesized that gravity and of dwelling mechanical forces position limits at the development and structure organisms. it kind of feels in basic terms becoming that Robert Hooke, who gave us Hooke's legislation of elasticity, additionally gave us the notice "cell" in his 1665 textual content, Micrographid, to designate those ordinary entities of existence. Julius Wolffs 1899 treatise at the functionality and type of the trabecular structure supplied an incisive instance of the connection among the constitution of the physique and the mechanical load it bears. In 1917, D' Arcy Thompson's On development and shape revolutionized the research of organic procedures through introducing cogent actual motives of the relationships among the constitution and serve as of cells and organisms.

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In the second section, an investigation of the structural basis for the cellular properties is described. In particular, the role of the actin-based cytoskeleton was assessed by treating the cells with cytochalasin B, a drug known to cause disruption of actin filaments. In the last section, preliminary observations of the properties of a human promyelocytic leukemic cell line (HL60) are presented. These data represent one of the first detailed characterizations of the properties of leukemic cells and establish a basis for using HL60 cells as a model system for investigating the properties of maturing leukocytes.

To complicate the issue, it is found that about half of the cells studied do not recover as Newtonian drops. The values for the apparent viscosity of these 16 cells calculated using the Newtonian model are shown for comparison in Figure 8. In all of the recovery experiments performed with lymphocytes, the time the cells are held inside the pipet before being expelled, is greater than 5 s. , 1991). These neutrophils are held inside 30 R. Tran-Son-Tay et al. 7 TJ)l *lcP cm/s Figure 7. 2 Figure 8.

It is possible thpt these two mechanical responses correspond to the two sub-populations of lymphocytes; namely, the T and B lymphocytes. At the present time, we are unable to differentiate these two cell types in our experiments. The different values for the ratio of the cortical tension to cytoplasmic viscosity seen within a sub-population may just be a consequence of the natural variation that exists between the same type of cell, or a result of the influence of the relative size of the cell's nucleus, or a combination of both.

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Cell Mechanics and Cellular Engineering by D. V. Zhelev, R. M. Hochmuth (auth.), Van C. Mow, Roger Tran-Son-Tay, Farshid Guilak, Robert M. Hochmuth (eds.)

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