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Download PDF by Michael Gray Baughan: Charles Bukowski (Great Writers)

By Michael Gray Baughan

ISBN-10: 0791078442

ISBN-13: 9780791078440

ISBN-10: 1438122128

ISBN-13: 9781438122120

The nice Writers sequence explores the lives of a few of the main mentioned literary figures of the previous half-century. a favourite of scholars for his poetry of uncooked angst and uprising, Bukowski revolutionised modern literature together with his anti- institution method. a long time 14+.

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P]eople keep sending me poems and novels to read and collections of poesy—I mean people I have never written to or heard of—and all the stuff is bad, bad, bad. I wonder if you realize how much bad stuff is written in all earnestness? and they’ll keep right on with it. thinking that they are undiscovered genius.... —Charles Bukowski, Screams from the Balcony, 213 signaled a new beginning for Bukowski. Divorced from Barbara, with both parents dead, he was freed from the pressure to fulfill anyone’s expectations of maintaining the status quo.

Given her background, it was no wonder, really, that she drank to forget her troubles, that she had a violent streak, and that her antics often edged close to outright dementia. Nor it is any great mystery what drew them together. Any woman offering him companionship would have grabbed Bukowski’s attention—but Jane matched his hatred for the rest of the world, could stand her own (emotionally and physically) whenever they fought, and, if anything, drank even more than he did. The only real unknown in the equation is how they managed to survive 22 CHARLES BUKOWSKI together for so many years without killing one another or stumbling into some senseless misfortune.

Even if he had wanted to, living with Jane would have made that impossible. Tentative sessions brought on no more physical breakdowns and so he dove back into the bottle as if nothing had ever happened. Losing his post office pay meant Bukowski had to find another source of income. Apparently it was Jane who suggested the horsetrack. Bukowski barely knew of its existence, let alone how to bet, but nevertheless one day they set out for Hollywood Park and within a few hours Bukowski was already devising a system.

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Charles Bukowski (Great Writers) by Michael Gray Baughan

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