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By Elizabeth Amber

ISBN-10: 0758260423

ISBN-13: 9780758260420

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His fist tightened around the scroll, crumpling it, wanting to destroy it. These interlopers had come here uninvited, fucked him without his knowledge. Did they think to take him back with them through the gate as well? His blood pounded on a burst of anger. He felt suddenly out of control, violent. “Take this and go back where you came from. ” The familiar, deep voice calmed him. Grounded him. It was Bastian, his eldest brother. He‟d come from somewhere inside the central area of the temple and now stood framed in one of its several arched doorways.

The bottle of wine that would replenish its own contents within the month was capped, and it and the goblet returned to the cabinet. Eva slid lower in her bed, feeling suddenly tired. She took the brew every morning, but it only made her sleepy the morning following Moonful. She opened her eyes again when Odette came closer and reached for one of the ropes tied to the headboard. “Leave them. I‟ll do that,” Eva protested halfheartedly. ”She tried to get up but sank back, a trifle dizzy. ” “I should get up.

Most of ElseWorld already thought him a lunatic, and he‟d soon have half of Rome thinking the same if he didn‟t take care. Disentangling himself, he sat up from her. His feet hit the cold granite floor, braced wide, and he rested his forearms on his thighs. The floor was remarkably pristine. It struck him then how well-tended the entire temple was compared with the house and grove he now owned. Locating his discarded shirt, he dragged it across his lap, blotting his belly and genitals, wiping away evidence of a pleasurable pastime in which he‟d participated, but of which he had no recollection.

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Dane by Elizabeth Amber

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