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By Tony R. Kuphaldt

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From point 1 to point 2, or from point 3 to point 4, where water is flowing freely through reservoirs with little opposition, there is little or no difference of pressure (no potential energy). However, the rate of water flow in this continuous system is the same everywhere (assuming the water levels in both pond and reservoir are unchanging): through the pump, through the water-wheel, and through all the pipes. So it is with simple electric circuits: the rate of electron flow is the same at every point in the circuit, although voltages may differ between different sets of points.

In circuits where resistance varies with changes in either voltage or current, the plot of current over voltage will be nonlinear (not a straight line). • A varistor is a component that changes resistance with the amount of voltage impressed across it. With little voltage across it, its resistance is high. Then, at a certain ”breakdown” or ”firing” voltage, its resistance decreases dramatically. • Negative resistance is where the current through a component actually decreases as the applied voltage across it is increased.

Every one of the black rectangles (called ”integrated circuits” or ”chips”) contain their own array of resistors for their internal functions, as well. ” This particular circuit board is the underside of a personal computer hard disk drive, and once again the resistors soldered onto it are designated with labels beginning with the letter ”R”: 48 CHAPTER 2. ” These two photographs should convince anyone that resistors – devices that ”merely” oppose the flow of electrons – are very important components in the realm of electronics!

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Electrical Engineering - Lessons In Electronic Circuits. - Dc by Tony R. Kuphaldt

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