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Existential Phenomenology by William A. Luijpen, Henry J. Koren PDF

By William A. Luijpen, Henry J. Koren

After describing guy as life and its implications, this ebook explores the which means of data and fact by way of existential considering. subsequent, it develops the concrete concept of human freedom, implied in life, and man's primary intersubjective attitudes of hatred, indifference, love, and justice. within the ultimate bankruptcy it increases the matter of man's metaphysical measurement and the life of God.

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493. , p. 403. 22 Existential Phenomenology there is no question of the self, while the body is human precisely because of subjectivity. Once this point is understood, it is easy to see also that my body is the transition from me to my world, that my body is the place where I appropriate my world,66 that it grafts me on the realm of things, and that it secures for me a solid or a labile standpoint in the world. It is also because I have hands with five fingers that can grasp the world in a certain way, different from the way in which I could seize it if 'r had only one finger on each hand; it is also because I have feet that the world can be walked upon in a certain way, different from the one I would use if I had wings or webfeet; it is also because I have ears that the world is for me a world of sound; it is also because I have eyes that the world is for me a field of vision; it is also from the standpoint which is my body that I call Mount McKinley high and the sidewalk low, that I say that Sirius is far away and my desk nearby,61 that fire is hot and that ice is cold.

136 What is labor? \Ve cannot be satisfied with the inadequate description stating that labor is the mode of being "at" the world in which man transforms nature as it is given in order to take from it what he needs to provide for his physical being. Man does not merely labor to live, to remain alive by eating and drinking. Strictly speaking, not even of eating and drinking may we say that we do these actions exclusively in order to live. What man wants is to live, and eating and drinking themselves are modes of living.

In other 82Cf. Dondeyne, "Beschouwingen bij het atheische existentialisme," Tijdschrift v. Philosophie, vol. XIII (1951), pp. 6-10. 83"Das In-Sein ist nach dem Gesagten keine 'Eigenschaft', die es zuweilen hat, zuweilen auch nicht, ohne die es sein kCinnte so gut wie mit ihr. Der Mensch "ist' nicht und hat uberdies noch ein Seinsverhaltnis zur 'Welt', die er sich gelegentlich zulegt. " Heidegger, Sein und Zeit, p. 57. 84Cf. , pp. 42 and 54. " Merleau-Ponty, Sens et non-sens, p. 148. 26 Existential Phenomenology words, the world is radically human.

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Existential Phenomenology by William A. Luijpen, Henry J. Koren

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