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IL-17 is a cytokine secreted in huge quantities completely by means of T cells upon activation, which acts at once on stromal cells and induces their construction of a number of proinflammatory and hematopoietic bioac-tive molecules. A practical homolog of IL-17 is found in the genome of the T lymphotropic herpesvirus saimiri (HVS).

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Geleitwort Es gibt wohl keine Branche, die so stark im Mittelpunkt von Analysen, Berichten, - litischen Diskussionen als auch wissenschaftlichen Analysen steht, wie die Automob- industrie. Sie ist eine Schlüsselbranche der deutschen Wirtschaft und einer der wi- tigsten Investoren, insbesondere im Bereich von Forschung und Entwicklung.

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The equipment most frequently used (Figs. 48) consists of an annealing furnace, a tempering furnace, a carburizing furnace, a large burner and suitable quenching baths. Oil, gas and electricity are the heating media most frequently used in the heat treating of steel. The furnaces are merely fire-brick lined ovens equipped with a heating unit. Liquid baths of lead or salt serve special needs; the lead bath to draw and temper steel parts, and the salt baths to minimize ' 104 PLASTICS MOLD ENGINEERING HANDBOOK 106 PLASTICS MOLD ENGINEERING HANDBOOK TOOL MAKING PROCESSES, EQUIPMENT AND METHODS 107 be a complex and academic subject, the basic principles are the growing importance of achieving, measuring and interquality surface finishes, this basic study of surface measure- booklet, much of what is said can be applied to other any study of surface measurement be preceded by a clear the terms in general use.

This unit, fitted with a polishing wheel, is shown int of the functioning and performance re- Fig. 49, preplating treatment and the plating ler after he has the work will, in many cases, eliminate , '. 2, L MAKING PROCESSES, EQUIPMENT AWD METHODS 109 plating. , West Hartford, CT) Heat Treating Equipment Most plastics molds use hardened cavities, plungers and pins. Other parts of the mold are also hardened. Mold steels are generally annealed before . work is begun, and they are often annealed or normalized during the mold making process.

In a s s , no special atmosphere or vacuum is used to protect the metal. tion is rendered entirely by the layer of liquid slag. Vacuum Arc Remelting process, no liquid slag is used to protect g& metal, because the process is contained in a vacuum. It is more costly ; : + ~ u $the e equipment is more sophisticated. paring the charge for the electric furnace, pure iron or carefully scrap is used, together with alloy materials in the percentages . Inasmuch as the chemical composition of every constituent steels is known, various elem nts can be brought into association per ratio to achieve a desir result.

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