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By I. Bernard Cohen

This advent serves a twin objective: it's a consultant to the Principia and a biography of the paintings. It offers an analytic heritage of ways Newton got here to put in writing the ebook, the printing of different variations, the severe receptions given to every variation, andabove allhow Newton regularly corrected, revised, and enlarged the textual content over 4 many years.

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The mathematical parts are to be included in Whiteside’s edition of Newton’s mathematical writings (in progress). Unpublished papers (1962), pp. 320 ff. Pighetti (1960), ‘Studi newtoniani’. Interest in the development o f the '‘Frincipid' 13 Portsmouth Collection had been used, and how few major new documents were published in their entirety in the first half o f the twentieth century. ^^ 6. ROUSE b a l l ’s ‘e s s a y ’ and call for A C O M P L E T E E D I T I O N OF T H E ‘ p R I N C I P I A ’ In 1893 W.

47) as follows: ‘ (4) De motu Corporum Liber Secundus. This is the treatise De Mundi Systemate. Horsley, iii. pp. ’ The reason for the two names is that this work was originally intended to be the second book of the Principia at a time when the Principia was still being called De Motu Corporum and was to have consisted of two books; hence it was entitled by Newton ‘De Motu Corporum Liber Secundus’. But when Newton later rewrote this material, he had already decided to entitle the whole work Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica, and to add the present Book II.

Portsmouth Collection] (1888), Catalogue, p. ix. ] (1936), Newton papers. See § 9 below. ^ In the Preface some indication is also given of the riches of the collection for the dispute with Leibniz and his followers concerning the invention of the calculus. For the editing of the Principia the Portsmouth Collection in the University Library, Cambridge, contains treasures o f vast extent. There is correspondence of the three editors of the successive editions of the Principia— Halley, Cotes, Pember­ ton— and also correspondence with Flamsteed on topics discussed in the Principia.

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Introduction the Newton's 'Principia' by I. Bernard Cohen

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