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Keepers of the totem - download pdf or read online

By Time-Life Books

Local American heritage. Contents: Legacy Of The Raven, hyperlinks To The Supernatural, and Encounters With The Iron humans.

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Links to the Past The Work of Early Hawaiian Artisans - download pdf or read online

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Keepers of the totem - download pdf or read online

Local American heritage. Contents: Legacy Of The Raven, hyperlinks To The Supernatural, and Encounters With The Iron humans.

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Warriors at the up on the house late at night and forced their way in, such raids, the typically crept claiming lives or carrying off prisoners before the startled residents could fense. During mount a de- Nootka and other groups sometimes took the heads of their victims as trophies. Among ing them engage the Kwakiutl, elders prepared boys for to lash out at one another with in other violent contests. ranking Kwakiutl born war game that in nettles combat by encourag- and twigs or Charley Nowell, a high 1870, described a diverting he and his companions played: "We reminded potlatch guests of their host's affluence.

Just as their ancestors did in ages past, Haida families today travel to fishing camps to catch and preserve ways. people of Haida in the traditional In recent years, the The following prominent Haida family, the Davidsons— whose fishing camp, with its smokehouse and other buildings constructed by family members, is shown here and on the next two pag- year, a the Haida year, in fact, remains the salmon S? 3f es—staged another seasonal festival to honor the salmon and give thanks for its The Davidson family's fishing camp (top) nestles on the banks of the salmon-rich YaRiver.

If an ancestral way, it might be claimed by an outsider and title was not passed along After contact with whites, when epidemics to a descendant left some Kwakiutl parents title such as a house post, and staged a mock marriage was given inherit the title away was to a suitable bridegroom, and preserve the family Farther south, among less structured. large, on a in familiar which that whose son would then legacy. the Coast Salish By and in this lost to the family forever. without heirs, they sometimes conferred an important tion the nu- could confer bounty on others were worthy of a title, object whose husband of his father or mother at a potlatch sponsored by his household.

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Keepers of the totem by Time-Life Books

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