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Download PDF by Heather Graham, Kasey Michaels: Lucia in Love Lion on the Prowl

By Heather Graham, Kasey Michaels

Two entire novels. attractive authors.

New York Times

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A relations reunion introduced Lucia Lorenzo face-to-face with Ryan Dandridge, the sweetheart who had as soon as damaged her middle. delight may have stored them aside, if threat hadn't thrown Lucia into the take care of of Ryan's robust, protecting fingers.

Plus manhattan Times bestselling writer

Kasey Michaels

A whirlwind courtship had led to a marriage among Max Rafferty and Julia Sutherland. yet their passionate and explosive marriage ended all too speedy. Now reunited by means of fickle destiny, may this boastful but irresistable guy and this headstrong attractiveness locate themselves newlyweds as soon as more?

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You never were reasonable. " "Right. Run again. You handle things so well. " She tugged hard on her hands, desperate to escape his hold. She could feel his flesh burning through the thin material of her T-shirt, and her breasts were hard against the wall of his chest. They were far too intimate. " "Why? " "Let me--" She tried to kick him. " he protested, and before she knew it, he had set a foot behind her ankles and she was tumbling to the floor, with him on top of her. She struggled in silence, but he straddled her and caught her hands, lacing his fingers through hers.

His chin would rest on the top of her head, his fingers would lie idle over her abdomen and she would feel completely secure and feminine. She would feel the radiating warmth of his naked flesh, and smile, knowing that a matching smile would be curving his lips, because he would be awakening. His fingers would begin slowly stroking over her belly, then wander to her breasts. No matter how soundly she slept, the seduction of his touch would always call to her. It would reach into her dreams, rush through her blood, haunt her flesh, and before she had even fully awakened, she would be turning to him, wanting him.

Hip to hip. And still his fingers moved sensually over the curve of her buttocks, pressing her ever more tightly to him. Then he moved his hand to her face and stroked his thumb gently over her cheek, gazing into her eyes. At last he lowered his head and kissed her. His lips moved over hers, and she felt his tongue swiftly ravage her mouth. Reaching, exploring, plunging.. delving. The air seemed to simmer. The heat entered her, swirled in her blood and shot to the core of her, and she trembled anew.

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Lucia in Love Lion on the Prowl by Heather Graham, Kasey Michaels

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