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This transit time, because of the distributed components, also varies with frequency and creates phase distortion. 2 Impedance matching To transfer the maximum power from a generator into a load the impedance of the load and the internal impedance of the generator – and any intervening transmission line – must be equal. f. of 20 volts. 75 W When dealing with alternating current and when transmission lines, particularly at radio frequencies, are interposed between the source and the load, other factors than the power transfer efficiency must also be considered.

Several forms of coaxial line are available. Flexible coaxial cable discussed earlier in this chapter is perhaps the most common form. The outer conductor in such cable is made of either braided wire or foil. Again, television broadcast receiver antennas provide an example of such cable from common experience. 7 ) in which the outer conductor is spiral wound. 5 or more centimetres in diameter. 7 The helical line Hardline is coaxial cable that uses a thin-walled pipe as the outer conductor. Some hardline coax used at microwave frequencies has a rigid outer conductor and a solid dielectric.

Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford. Kennedy, G. (1977). Electronic Communications Systems. McGraw-Hill Kogashuka, Tokyo. E. (1943). Radio Engineers’ Handbook. McGraw-Hill, London. 1 Decibels and the logarithmic scale The range of powers, voltages and currents encountered in radio engineering is too wide to be expressed on linear scale. Consequently, a logarithmic scale based on the decibel (dB, one tenth of a bel) is used. The decibel does not specify a magnitude of a power, voltage or current but a ratio between two values of them.

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