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Il'Ya M. Lifshits's Quantum Theory of Solids PDF

By Il'Ya M. Lifshits

ISBN-10: 0828523339

ISBN-13: 9780828523332

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Spurred by the competitive threat, some post offices have gone even further, embracing an approach very much like Rowland Hill advocated in 1837. These post offices are prepared to levy a charge for the delivery of foreign mail based upon the domestic postage rate. The domestic rate is discounted by a percentage, INTERNATIONAL POSTAL REFORM 25 about 40 percent, reflecting the absence of collection costs for foreign mail. This system has been operating among the four Nordic post offices since the fIrst of January, 1990, and I understand other European post offices may be negotiating similar arrangements.

Colin. 1979. " Historical Journal 22: 615-43. O'Brien, PatrickK. 1988. " Economic History Review 2nd series 41:1-32. 2 INTERNATIONAL POSTAL REFORM: An Application of the Principles of Rowland Hi" to the International Postal System James I. Campbell, Jr. Cheap postage! What is this men are talking about? Can it be that all my life I have been in error? -Sir Francis Freeling, Secretary, British Post Office (Harlow 1928,190) Although many nineteenth century figures are better known than Rowland Hill, few had a more beneficial effect upon civilization.

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Quantum Theory of Solids by Il'Ya M. Lifshits

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