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Download e-book for kindle: Religion in Public Schools (Point Counterpoint) by Alan Marzilli

By Alan Marzilli

ISBN-10: 0791074846

ISBN-13: 9780791074848

Should still little ones be authorized to specific their religion in public faculties?

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1 • Should schools be able to censor their students? What if a student-run club advocated drug use? Although the Widmar case dealt specifically with a university setting, Congress acted to ensure that high schools also would not discriminate against religious clubs. ” 3 In Westside Community Board of Education 45 46 RELIGION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS v. Mergens,4 the Supreme Court interpreted the act to mean that if a school allows a chess club to form, then it must also allow a Bible club to form. Also, in Good News Club v.

Prayer in the classroom violates the establishment clause. S. Constitution requires a careful balancing act when it comes to religion. The First Amendment reads: “Congress 33 34 RELIGION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” and is made applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. Thus, the Constitution appears to put the government in the difficult position of, on the one hand, not furthering religion, and on the other hand, of not impeding it.

Such a purpose runs counter to the Establishment Clause, which prohibits the government’s endorsement or advancement not only of one particular religion at the expense of other religions, but also of religion at the expense of atheism. . 38 RELIGION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS The question about whether any given prayer is nondenominational is essentially a question of religious doctrine rather than law. And the Supreme Court has made it perfectly clear that the government should not be in the business of deciding questions of religion.

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Religion in Public Schools (Point Counterpoint) by Alan Marzilli

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