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Marvin Rosen's Sleep And Dreaming (Gray Matter) PDF

By Marvin Rosen

ISBN-10: 0791086399

ISBN-13: 9780791086391

Achieve a greater knowing of the way and why the mind explanations us to sleep and to dream, how sleep styles paintings, and the way goals healthy into the sleep approach.

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In one large study of adults, 6% of males and 14% of females reported that they had problems falling asleep or staying asleep at night and were tired during the day. Insomnia seems to be a problem that is unique to humans. Cats and dogs show no signs of insomnia. People tend to overestimate the time they stay awake at night, often confusing light sleep or restless sleep with wakefulness. They tend to remember time spent awake, since they have no memory of being 38 asleep. Frequent causes of insomnia are worry, depression, and anxiety.

We may have stayed awake for the entire trip and expected to be very tired when the trip ended. Yet when we land, we feel energized and ready to go. Later, when we want to be doing things, we are suddenly overwhelmed by fatigue and want only to sleep. For the first day or so, we awaken at our old time, even though it is now the middle of the night, and want to go to sleep in the middle of the afternoon. Eventually, we adjust to the new time zone. There is a remarkable mechanism built into our brain that allows us to make this adjustment—an internal clock that becomes conditioned by the daylight to which we are exposed.

Other procedural tasks seemed to require both REM and non-REM sleep. These results suggest that different types of tasks may require different types of sleep. Studies of the firing of individual neurons in rats by Bruce McNaughton at the University of Arizona found that the same brain neurons used to learn a maze during waking hours are reactivated at night during REM sleep. McNaughton suggested that during REM sleep, the brain is reviewing recently stored information. It may be, then, that the purpose of sleep is to strengthen newly learned brain connections without losing older connections.

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