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Regina Maria Shelton's To Lose a War: Memories of a German Girl PDF

By Regina Maria Shelton

ISBN-10: 0585178755

ISBN-13: 9780585178752

ISBN-10: 0809310740

ISBN-13: 9780809310746

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One shouldn't believe all the stories of harassment and chicanery, I think, almost ashamed of my gullibility. Tom turns around to me with a guilty look. " This time my heart skips a beat. Not five minutes ago the soldier had asked if we carried weapons, ammunition, transmitters, etc. Does Tom's switch-blade knife, his proudest possession and a gift from his German deer-hunting uncle, qualify as a weapon? I gasp and take it from him, consigning it to the bottom of the nearest food hamper, ostensibly to be explained away as a picnic knife in lieu of normal silverware on the road.

The local people also enjoyed the beauty and small-scale elegance of these resorts and joined the visitors on leisurely days, strolling through the halls where healing waters spouted from ornate wells into marble basins, walking on flower-edged paths through the parks, and relaxing on shaded benches to the strains of the resort orchestra. None of the spas was too distant to visit on a Sunday afternoon and return by evening on one of the frequent trains that traversed the area, stopping briefly at each village en route.

Hans can't suppress a wink at his snickering sons before answering in the negative. What next catches the attention of the officer makes my blood run cold. My note pad, empty except for the first page, lies face down on the back seat. He reaches for it, starts reading. "What have we here? Well, well, very detaileddate, times, weather, even seating" In a light voice that belies my uneasiness I start to explain: "Some notes for later to keep the memory of this" When he cuts me off, his voice is anything but light: "Barbed wire?

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To Lose a War: Memories of a German Girl by Regina Maria Shelton

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