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Download e-book for iPad: Weather Studies by L. P. Smith, A. R. Gemmell, S. McB. Carson and R. W. Colton

By L. P. Smith, A. R. Gemmell, S. McB. Carson and R. W. Colton (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080063365

ISBN-13: 9780080063362

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3 Make similar calculations for readings of pressure taken at your own school. 36 1 · Temperature Graphs AIR temperatures are generally highest by day, reaching a maximum in early afternoon, and lowest by night, reaching a minimum by dawn. The variation in temperature is most rapid if there is little cloud; on an overcast day the changes are slow. The £ 'in-between" temperature is called a "mean" temperature. The simplest measure of the mean daily temperature is half the sum of the day maximum and the night minimum.

Is there much day-to-day variation? If so, can you explain why? (See Fig. ) 4 · Rainfall Graphs IT is difficult to make use of rainfall records unless they are kept regularly. At the very least they should be taken continuously throughout the three terms. It is not absolutely necessary to examine the raingauge every morning, although it is clearly preferable to do so. Official records of rain are usually summarized on a daily, monthly or annual basis. For a school there is much *I960 RAINFALL AT YORK *I960 r4 * Actual readings 1960-61 Π Average #1961 < IX.

WHEN Because pressure depends on the weight of a column of air, if we shorten the length of the column by moving up a hill or by going up in an aeroplane the pressure will decrease. For comparison purposes observations of pressure are corrected to allow for the height of the place of observation above sea-level, but this is not necessary for school purposes. Most official readings of pressure are made with a mercury barometer, but a more convenient instrument is the aneroid barometer. This consists of a concertina-type cylinder made of thin metal and almost exhausted of air.

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Weather Studies by L. P. Smith, A. R. Gemmell, S. McB. Carson and R. W. Colton (Auth.)

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