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IL-17 is a cytokine secreted in huge quantities solely by means of T cells upon activation, which acts without delay on stromal cells and induces their creation of a number of proinflammatory and hematopoietic bioac-tive molecules. A practical homolog of IL-17 is found in the genome of the T lymphotropic herpesvirus saimiri (HVS).

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Geleitwort Es gibt wohl keine Branche, die so stark im Mittelpunkt von Analysen, Berichten, - litischen Diskussionen als auch wissenschaftlichen Analysen steht, wie die Automob- industrie. Sie ist eine Schlüsselbranche der deutschen Wirtschaft und einer der wi- tigsten Investoren, insbesondere im Bereich von Forschung und Entwicklung.

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We have to know the kinematic viscosity, the diluate flow velocity and the hydraulic diameter of the diluate flow spacer channel. 01 cm2/s) since the solution is very dilute. 72 g/s. Since the solution is quite diluted we use the density of water. 59 cm 3 s The flow velocity u can be calculated by dividing the flow qd with the cross sectional area of the flow channel. 01 s 165 Since the Reynolds number is relatively low we assume that we are in the laminar region. In order to calculate the Sherwood number according to the laminar “channel flow” correlation in Table 2 (page 32), we first have to calculate the Schmidt number according to equation ( 12 ).

The Reynolds number includes the flow velocity u and thus tells whether the flow is in the laminar or turbulent region. The Schmidt number is the ratio between the kinematic viscosity Ȟ and the diffusion coefficient D and thus the Schmidt number tells how fast velocity is propagated through the fluid compared to how fast mass propagates (diffuses) through the fluid. The Sherwood number includes the mass transfer coefficient k and by using correlations combining these three dimensionless number given in equation ( 12 ) you can estimate the mass transfer coefficient.

We have been looking at the fluxes of ions through these membranes and we have seen that these fluxes depend on the transport numbers of the ions. The membranes achieve their selectivity because these transport numbers for the oppositely charged ions are very different inside the membrane whereas the transport numbers in the solution for the oppositely charged ions are almost equal for equal valences. It is also explained that the separation principle in electrical driven membrane processes is based on Donnan exclusion.

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