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Released through the manufacturing unit to supply help on troubleshooting a number of electric difficulties. This guide is loaded with circuit schematics protecting every one procedure at the car.

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7. J u m p the SCS line with the HDS. 8. Connect the timing light to the exhaust side No. 1 ignition coil harness. 10. If the ignition t i m i n g differs f r o m the specification, check the cam t i m i n g . If the cam t i m i n g is OK, update the PCM if it does not have the latest software (see page 11-209), or substitute a known-good PCM (see page 11-7), then recheck. If the system works properly, and the PCM was substituted, replace the original PCM (see page 11-210). 11. Disconnect the HDS and the timing light.

A p p l y a small amount of anti-seize c o m p o u n d to the plug threads, and screw the plugs into the cylinder head, finger tight, then tighten the plugs to the specified torque. 8 kgf-m, 13 lbf-ft) 6. Install the ignition coils in the reverse order of removal. 3. Disconnect the ignition coil connectors, then remove the intake side ignition coils (A) and the exhaust side ignition coils (B). 2 lbf-ft) 4. Remove t h e spark plugs and inspect t h e m (see page 4-18). 4-17 | Ignition System Spark Plug Inspection 1.

Install the air cleaner (see page 11-314). BATTERY (cont'd) Starting System Starter Performance Test (cont'd) Starter Removal and Installation 6. Connect the starter to the battery as s h o w n , and confirm that the motor runs. Removal 1. Do the 12 volt battery terminal disconnection procedure (see page 22-78). 2. Remove the air cleaner (see page 11-314). 3. Disconnect the positive starter cable (A) and the harness connector (B) f r o m the S terminal, then remove the heater hose bracket (C). I I BATTERY 7.

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2010-2011 Honda Insight Service Manual by HONDA

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