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Type L and press . The BBS displays the list of areas and prompts for the area number. 3. Type 12 and press to select MCS 96 Family. The BBS displays a list of subject areas including general and product-specific subjects. 4. Type the number that corresponds to the subject of interest and press to list the latest files. 1-9 8XC196NT USER’S MANUAL 5. Type the file numbers to select the files you wish to download (for example, 1,6 for files 1 and 6 or 3-7 for files 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) and press .

The register RAM can be accessed as bytes, words, or doublewords. The RALU accesses the upper and lower register files differently. The lower register file is always directly accessible with direct addressing (see “Addressing Modes” on page 3-6). The upper register file is accessible with direct addressing only when windowing is enabled. Windowing is a technique that maps blocks of the upper register file into a window in the lower register file. See Chapter 4, “Memory Partitions,” for more information about the register file and windowing.

Microcontroller and flash catalog 3. Development tools catalog 4. Systems catalog 5. Multimedia catalog 6. Multibus and iRMX ® software catalog and BBS file listings 7. Microprocessor, PCI, and peripheral catalog 8. Quality and reliability and change notification catalog 9. 2 Bulletin Board System (BBS) The bulletin board system (BBS) lets you download files to your computer. The application BBS has the latest ApBUILDER software, hypertext manuals and datasheets, software drivers, firmware upgrades, application notes and utilities, and quality and reliability data.

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8XC196NT microcontroller user's manual

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