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By Groves M.D., Haragus M.

This text provides a rigorous lifestyles thought for small-amplitude threedimensional vacationing water waves. The hydrodynamic challenge is formulated as an infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian method within which an arbitrary horizontal spatial path is the timelike variable. Wave motions which are periodic in a moment, diversified horizontal course are detected utilizing a centre-manifold aid strategy wherein the matter is diminished to a in the community an identical Hamiltonian approach with a finite variety of levels of freedom.

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3 above: As ν is decreased through a critical value νc , four complex eigenvalues become purely imaginary by colliding in pairs on the imaginary axis, and we introduce a bifurcation parameter by writing ν = νc + µ. Observe that there are two degenerate versions of the Hamiltonian-Hopf bifurcation (both of which are included in the theory below), in which the eigenvalues are zero at criticality (see Figure 7); in one of these cases the eigenvalues are complex for µ > 0, while in the other (θ1 = ±π /2, θ2 = 0) they are real.

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A Bifurcation Theory for Three-Dimensional Oblique Travelling Gravity-Capillary Water Waves by Groves M.D., Haragus M.

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